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Séverine Trannoy


CNRS Researcher, Principal Investigator

I received a Master and Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Jussieu, Paris 6. I did my Ph.D. in Thomas Preat's lab, at the ESPCI, Paris, where I studied the molecular and neuronal circuits involved in olfactory memory in Drosophila. Then, I did my post-doctoral research at Harvard Medical School, Boston, in Edward A. Kravitz's lab, where I studied the neural basis of the innate and yet complex aggressive behavior in Drosophila. As a post-doctoral fellow, I focused my research on understanding the behavioral consequences of aggressive interactions, and how these can be implemented in the brain. In October 2018, I have been appointed CNRS researcher at the Research Center for Animal Cognition in Toulouse, France and started my independent research program.

Alexandre Roland.HEIC

Alexandre Roland

Research engineer

Alexandre performs in vivo functional imaging in Drosophila in response to environmental stimuli. His goal is to understand how and where these cues are integrated within high-order neural structures and how the internal state of the animal influences signal integration.


Antoine Prunier

PhD student, 2nd year

Antoine is a PhD student affiliated to the University of Toulouse. His project aims to study the molecular mechanisms and neuronal circuits controlling high-intensity aggression.

Anthony Defert.jpg

Anthony Defert

PhD student, 1st year

Anthony is a PhD student affiliated to the University of Toulouse. His project aims to study the link between courtship and aggression.


Undergraduate students:

Anissa Handjar (July 2022)

Fanny Jamme (July 2022)

Julie Fougères (January-June 2022)

Amandine Castex (July 2021)

Romane Gout (April-July 2021)

Léa Bilh (January-June 2021)

Gaelle Pennot (January-March 2021)

Nolwenn Perron (January-June 2020)

Jeanne Legros (June-July 2019)

Camille Martinie (April-Mai 2019)

 Trannoy lab -

Aggression -

Social behavior -

Drosophila -


Toulouse  - France

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